Editor Near Me

Surgeons get stitched up by other surgeons, Pilates instructors get private lessons from other Pilates instructors, therapists seek therapy, hairstylists get their ‘doos done by other stylists, so I shouldn’t be blown away when editors hire editors. Right? So why does searching for an editor—when I am an editor—feel so wrong? I’ve grappled with this … Continue reading Editor Near Me

Paralysis by Analysis: Deer Flies and Microsoft 365

As I ran this morning, some ne’er-do-wells accosted me. An incessant buzzing circled my hatless head and evolved into the loss of multiple specks of flesh. I’m beyond the half-way point in a writer’s retreat week at the cabin in NW Wisconsin, and I’ve taken several enjoyable morning runs while I’ve been here.  Last night, … Continue reading Paralysis by Analysis: Deer Flies and Microsoft 365